Important Reminder Regarding Ontario Championship and National Race Entry Fees

Any participants in the Ontario Championship (regardless of amount of races) will be charged a race entry fees of $30. For any athletes participating at Nationals, please ensure arrangements are made with head coach Pat Lester prior to departure.

CPCC Regatta Update

SUCCESS! The CPCC has won 3 regatta titles in a row with a win at our home regatta on July 23rd. Congratulations and thank you to all of our athletes, parents, volunteers, sponsors, and coaches!

Duck Derby Winner

We are pleased to announce that the grand prize winner of the 2016 Great Duck Derby is Rob Lacasse! Rob of the CP Giant Tiger has been a long time supporter of the club....

Congratulations Rob!

CPCC Gear!
We are excited to announce we have a ton of NEW CPCC GEAR available for the 2016 season for both your and adults! From bucket hats to baseball caps - what better way to support and promote your club. Click below for more information:

Get Some CPCC Gear

New EOD Volunteer Policy
EOD has adopted and volunteer policy where ALL clubs must provide some volunteers for EVERY event. This will also give you a head start on your mandatory 10 hour volunteer commitment.
Visit and see if you can help out. Click here for more information on volunteer opportunities.

Looking for an Opportunity to Volunteer?
We are looking for someone to help build a weatherproof, mobile bulletin board that we can use to display daily announcements at our member drop off location. If you're interested, please contact Ryan at

Carleton Place Canoe Club

Located on the shores of the Mississippi River in the heart of the Ottawa Valley, the CPCC sits approximately 30 minutes from downtown Ottawa, Ontario (Canada). The club has been in existence since 1893 and has provided the youth and general public of the area a great source of recreation and/or competitive racing for over a century.

The operations of the club centre around the sport of Flatwater Sprint Canoe and Kayak Racing, yet the club and the facility that it is housed in offers a wide range of sporting and recreational activities. Programs operated by the club itself include racing and recreational canoe/kayak instruction, as well as adult programs which include Dragon Boat racing. In addition, the facility is home to such activities as Tai Kwon Do instruction, ballroom dancing, seniors' fitness programs and yoga classes.

Check out the video below! This is who we are, this is what we do!