The Carleton Place Canoe club is a not-for-profit organization that relies heavily on volunteers, donors and sponsors to ensure financial sustainability and continued success of the Club. Program registration, and Coaches travel fees allow us to maintain operational expenses, however the Club strives to continually enhance the services and programs offered to the community. This includes obtaining and/or maintaining boats and equipment, upgrading training equipment and facilities, as well as attracting the top coaching talent.

Volunteering Opportunities

Participating with volunteer opportunities ensures we can continue to offer quality programs that are affordable to the community. These opportunities also bring our member families together to build lasting friendships and foster a sense of community within Carleton Place. Commitment to assisting and participating with Club events and fundraising opportunities will be requested from each paddler family within each calendar year. Each member family is expected to commit twenty-five (25) volunteer hours to club events and fundraising efforts. Member families may choose to opt out of volunteer commitment in exchange for a volunteer fee charged upon member registration.​

The CPCC Board

The Club is run by a Board of Directors consisting of a passionate group of volunteers that address not only the on-going operational needs of the club and its members, but also the strategic direction and planning to maintain high quality programs and value for its members and the Town.  Every year there are various positions come available and new board members are voted in at the Annual General Meeting (AGM.)

For more information on CPCC Board opportunities, please contact 

CPCC Volunteer Policy based on EOD Policy 

1.     Based on the EOD Volunteer Policy, the CPCC requires each club family or individual athlete to contribute to volunteering between 10-25 hours per year depending on the program in which the member is registered.
2.     Weekly camp sessions and our PaddleAll Program are exempt from a Volunteer Commitment although it is always welcomed.
3.     Depending on the club program, either a $100 or $250 cheque are required to complete your registration with the club.
4.     Cheques will be returned upon completion of the allotted volunteer hours.
5.     Cheques will be cashed if Volunteer Commitment isn’t met by the end of the season.
6.     The Opt-out option requires a payment of $250 to equal 25 hours of Volunteerism.

Priorities for Volunteer Hours are:

1.     Officiating – L1 through L3 at all regattas as needed
2.     EOD Sanctioned Events - EOD Championships, U11 Championships, Provincials, OCups
3.     CPCC Events – including the annual CPCC Regatta, General Labour, Photography, Website Maintenance, Club Newsletter, Carpentry, Boat Repair, Trailer Towing, Donation of in-kind services, all sanctioned events such as, but not limited to: Pep Rally, Duck Derby, Bottle Drives, Paddle-a-thon, Golf Tournament, Commodore’s Ball, Bonspeil, and all other Fundraising events.

*Volunteering for Regattas outside of the above will not count towards your Volunteer Commitment (unless you are a L1-L3 Official), but will do so if the EOD Volunteer Co-ordinator requests the clubs to fill positions the home clubs are unable to in order to have a safely run regatta.

Get Involved:

The Key to Our Success – Volunteering