Leader in the Sport of Paddling

CPCC Board of Directors

Our club's success is heavily reliant on our volunteers and a passionate group of individuals who work hard to make a better community and place for our kids.

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A History of Leadership and Success

The Club has been on the forefront of developments through the years. Its membership was opened to women in 1903 and Ladies' War Canoe training and competition was an early feature. The Club was an early advocate for the inclusion of Ladies Classes in the C.C.A. Race Schedule. Year round training became a feature in the late 1960's with startling results and the Club became one of the first to apply scientific methods to the assessment of training needs and design of training programs. Since the founding of the OVCA, the Club has been adopted by the social, business and political leadership of the Community. It was soon recognized as a major social centre for recreation and youth training and something worth working for. All through the Club's history, what is remarkable is the number of people who have maintained a life long association with it in some active capacity or other. Perhaps this, more than any other thing, can explain the success of the past one hundred and nineteen years.

Club Gear

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To watch a Canoe Kayak Regatta on the Mississippi in Carleton Place is to participate in history. For in the cradle of these waters, the Ottawa Valley Canoe Association (OVCA) was born in 1893. The Carleton Place Canoe Club is the oldest continually operating club in the country and is the only surviving charter member of the Canadian Canoe Association. The club has consistently produced athletes who qualify for the highest levels of competition at the provincial, national and international level. These range from Ontario team members to Canada Summer Games team members, Junior World Championship competitors to Senior National Team members, Pan Am Games to the Olympic Games.

Our Facilities

The Carleton Place Canoe Club is can be found nestled on the shores of the Mississippi in the heart of Carleton Place. Surrounded by parks, the local beach, natural walking paths and just steps from the Carleton Place High School, the club is a perfect environment for beginner paddlers and Olympic hopefuls alike to enjoy the natural settings while learning to compete and get in great physical shape. Joining CPCC is like joining a family – a family of friends that you will have for a lifetime.

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