CPCC has recently undergone a revision of our programs to better align with the Canadian Sport for Life’s (CS4L) Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model and Canoe Kayak Canada's Long Term Athlete Development Plan.  The LTAD model is a framework that provides paddlers at all stages of development the opportunity to be the best they can be.  With that in mind we have created the CPCC Paddler Pathway to clearly outline 3 different participant streams, Community, Competitive and High Performance, as well as the progression from one stream to the next.

Long term athlete development (LTAD) is a concept that has evolved through recognition that there are gaps in athlete development, talent identification, athlete recruitment and athlete retention in the Canadian sport system. LTAD is a planning tool for optimal performance for all stages of athlete development. It is based on empirical data, practical coaching experiences and scientific principles and is a framework for full sport system alignment in Canada, integrating health and education with sport and physical activity.

Long Term Athlete Development

CPCC's Paddler Progression

The model below illustrates the LTAD framework that underpins the programs offered by CPCC.

To access CKC's Long Term Athlete Development Plan,