​Dragon Boat Rentals

Dragon boat rental fees are $85 per hour

Coxed practice (steersperson) is available at $40 per practice.

Payment Options


* A 25% payment deposit is required to complete registration

** If paying by cash or cheque, you are still required to complete online registration. Make cheque payable to: Carleton Place Canoe Club

Payments arrangements must be made 2 weeks prior to program start in order to ensure your program enrollment is held.

Dragon boat At a Glance:

The Carleton Place Canoe Club offers a Dragon Boat rental program to adults, with the intent of providing a fun, yet competitive atmosphere working as a team. Teams can be competitive, recreational, mixed, male, or female. To become a dragon boat paddler, you need not be a top-notch athlete, you only need the drive and commitment to get out and enjoy yourself. The goal of the program is to promote fun, fitness, and friendship. Individuals are encouraged to bring your friends to meet and compete as a group or with others! Companies are encouraged to bring your colleagues for team building and collaboration!

Dragon boat racing began more than 2000 years ago on the banks of the life-sustaining rivers in the valleys of southern China, as a fertility rite to ensure plentiful crops.  Today, the sport is popular worldwide and is on particular rise in popularity in Canada.

Dragon Boat Programs