In recent years the Canoe Club has permitted Urban Ocean to store up to 6 SUP boards (at no cost) in a designated portion of the Canteen Building. This was permitted during a time when the Canoe Club had an abundance of space. Our organization welcomed the opportunity with Urban Ocean to promote the use of the Mississippi River and a mutual love for the sport of paddling.

In spring of 2018, it was determined that due to the increase of overall programs and the acquisition of new equipment additional space was required for boat storage to support the Canoe Club’s programs. During the same period, a new lease agreement was implemented between the Canoe Club and the Town of Carleton Place which prohibited sub-leasing any portion of the Canoe Club without expressed permission from the town, which included the canteen.

After careful consideration, based on both the demands for equipment space and new lease with the town, it was determined that the Canoe Club could no longer offer Urban Ocean space in the canteen. There was no formal lease agreement between Urban Ocean and the Canoe Club (and no financial compensation for the use of the space) however Urban Ocean was informed at the earliest possible time providing a two-month notice.

The Board of the Canoe Club has decided to do what is best for our club, our members and young families.  We must utilize all of our leased space as outlined in our agreement with the Town of Carleton Place as it is intended and we will continue to maintain our focus on growing our programs for the local community.

Thank you for your continued support.

To Our Members and Carleton Place Community:

The Carleton Place Canoe Club Board would like to issue a statement in response to our request that the Urban Ocean (SUP Paddle Boarding business) vacate the space known as the Riverside Park Canteen. This building is leased from The Town of Carleton Place by the Carleton Place Canoe Club, along with the Canoe Club building.